2023 Short List

Armagideon Time
Crime As Theatre

Released: 5/6/2022
Label: Anti-Corp
Producer: Bob Quirk, Yave Rust  



Butcher Brown
Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey Featuring Tennishu And R4ND4ZZO BIGB4ND

Released: 10/15/2022
Label: Concord Jazz
Producer: Chris Dunn, Butcher Brown  


Cassidy Snider & The Wranglers
A Good Heartbreak

Released: 11/15/2022
Label: Vocal Rest Records
Producer: Trey Burnart Hall, Cassidy Snider, The Wranglers


Deau Eyes

Released: 6/10/2022
Label: Self-Released
Producers: Ali Thibodeau, DJ Harrison, Scott Lane


Life In Estates

Released: 9/30/2022
Label: Brat Daddy
Producers: Ben Green, Drook


Dumb Waiter
Gauche Gists

Released: 6/24/2022
Label: Ossein Records
Producer: Dumb Waiter


Erin & The Wildfire
Touchy Feely

Released: 4/1/2022
Label: Self-Released
Producer: Matthew E. White


Justin Golden
Hard Times And A Woman

Released: 4/15/2022
Label: Know Self-Released
Producer: Chip Hale


Mackenzie Roark
Rollin’ High, Feelin’ Low

Released: 10/18/2022
Label: Vocal Rest Records
Producer: Trey Burnart Hall


Monday Night & Heather Grey
Soon You’ll Understand

Released: 10/16/2022
Label: AllWeNeed Records
Producer: Heather Grey


Ms. Jaylin Brown
Take It Easy

Released: 7/9/2022
Label: The iN Word
Producer: Jaylin Brown


No BS! Brass

Released: 6/22/2022
Label: Self-Released
Producers: No BS! Brass

Piranha Rama
Omniscient Cloud Cover

Released: 9/30/2022
Label: Broker’s Tip Records
Producer: John Sizemore


Radio B
Stop Looking For Noise

Released: 8/11/2022
Label: Association Of Great Minds
Producer: Don Dubious


Spooky Cool
Existential Pie

Released: 10/28/2022
Label: Self-Released
Producer: Jacob Blizzard, Spooky Cool


Strawberry Moon
Habitual Creatures

Released: 10/21/2022
Label: Sockhead Records
Producer: Gray Stephenson, Katie Bowles, Liam McElroy, TJ Meade


Timothy Bailey And The Humans
Timothy Bailey And The Humans

Released: 9/30/2022
Label: Self-Released
Producer: Chad Clark, Bob Massey, Timothy Bailey


Walk With Me

Released: 4/8/2022
Label: Shopping Cart Hero Records & Soft Grit Recordings
Producer: Joey Woodward, T V L P A


Ty Sorrell

Released: 7/29/2022
Label: Quiet Year
Producers: Dawgz, Elektric Medicine, Ty Sorrell


Tyler Meacham
Into The Fray

Released: 2/25/2022
Label: Self-Released
Producer: Chip Hale, Tyler Meacham